Monday, April 6, 2015


This untitled text is written
within an unregistered application
which is unresponsive at this moment.

This unresponsive application
was chosen because it did not
fail me when I needed most
an application that merely typed
plain text, without any extraneous
tags, comments, commands,
requiring no further registration.

I can only hope by the end
of this piece I am writing
with limited faith
in technology and in
the humans who created it,
that my words will appear
as desired.

Luddites and Unabombers
may have had legitimate concerns
about the nature of technology
and its impact on humans.
We bring it forth, we nurture it,
and it sucks our marrow.
We cannot peel our eyes from
its display, nor our fingers from
its silicon grasp.

And now that I've acknowledged
the power of technology
over humanity,
this unresponsive application
has revealed my words
as if releasing from its
censoring maw
what it chooses you should see.

You, me, this application,
these words—
we are pwned.

Copyright 2015 Femme Malheureuse
Graphic: Google Chrome unresponsive error message 

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