Thursday, April 16, 2015

Lemme 'Splain It

Well, actually, it's not about whatever topic
toward which you decide to derail this conversation,
something diametrically opposed to this one
that had nothing to do with you whatsoever.

You've interjected yourself into this conversation,
which needed no further explanation,
in order to redirect its participants away
from criticism of the larger body of your kind.

Technically speaking, it's not about whatever abstrusity
you've chosen as your beast of burden today,
one which travels 180 degrees away from here,
safely away from where this conversation was headed.

You've demanded data-based evidence,
when we would not be herded but heard,
when we insisted this critique had a life
of its own without your validation or input.

But you're being polite and reasoned, you insist,
though your interjectory redirect proves otherwise.
Though your mother likely told you butting in was rude,
you didn’t listen to her any more than you do the rest of her gender.

Frankly, you're not sure what exactly this discussion is about,
but you think the difficulty lies in — and cue our eyes rolling.
Not everything is about you, or what you think,
or what you believe is a truth we must not already know.

You can hit the ground running, buddy, perpendicular and away
from this place where failure to listen has worn out your welcome.
Find a land of men where your mansplainin' will be greeted
with open arms, or head butting, and arm wrestling, belching, and beer.

Copyright 2015 by Femme Malheureuse
Photo: Harold Abramowitz via Flickr (modified from color to B/W)

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