Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Storm Warning

Urgent red crawls across the screen,
Bold white lettering shouts,
Weatherman gestures,
Orange icons flash,
Warning of a storm.

Frantic bleating blares from speakers,
Loud alarms beeping,
Bells ringing.
Bad weather's coming,
In case we hadn't heard.

Lights flicker, then die,
All electronic devices silenced,
Alert signals muted,
Once power lost,
As we might have expected.

Slide open the window,
Ajar the door.
Breathe deep
the sweet ion charged air
As dark clouds rumble overhead.

Lightning flashes fill the sky
As awaited sheeting rain begins,
Washing away
The unnecessary
While watering the lawn.

Copyright 2015 Femme Malheureuse
Photo: Hellsgeriatric via Flickr

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