Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hi Hello

No segue eased him into her life, merely an abrupt switching of the line as the help desk engaged different departments.

 “And now we turn over the month-end migration to local support in Seattle. Chicago project management will stay on to assist.”

 A click and then just the two of them, keeping each other company.

 Software chugged, hard drives churned, creating grey data snow while his deep-as-night voice kept her company during the longest hours.

With a click Manila cut in as dawn approached; Chicago was gone until next month.

But then emails arrived, asking first about business. Then about Seattle; questions unfinished from last month-end were re-asked and answered.

She couldn’t imagine a month-end without hearing his voice.

 Until suddenly it wasn’t him. She was heartsick; he was the only thing that made the lonely midnight shift bearable during those long, dark hours.

 She debated about finding another job as she eked through her shift.

 This was the last month-end I’ll work, she thought as she shut her office and entered the foyer.

 “Hi,” said a familiar voice with a Chicago accent.

 “Hello,” she smiled, realizing only now that she had much to look forward to before next month-end.
Copyright © 2013 Femme Malheureuse 
Words: 200
Originally submitted to fan fic flash fic - Week 30
Photo prompt: origin unknown

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