Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Give In

“Give in.”


“Look, I'm home. I'm done, mustered out, here forever. So give in.”

“I have to pee. Let me down.”

“No, not until you give in.”

“But we're so happy now. You're happy, right?”

“Yeah, I'm ecstatic. I'd be whatever is beyond ecstatic if you just gave in.”

“I don't want to fuck this up. Things are good, just the way they are.”

He shifted her weight, pressing her back a little more firmly into the wall, grinding a little closer at the same time. He meant business; he hoped she felt it.

“Look, I can wait all goddamned day. Just give in.”


He leaned his head forward, until his forehead pressed against hers. She could taste him without even tonguing him, he was so close.

“Give. In. You already said yes, everyone else knows.” He clutched her a bit tighter, closing his eyes as he entrenched into position, commitment settling across his face.

She shifted her hands from his warm, firm shoulders around his neck, relaxing into him.

“Okay. We'll get married this weekend. But I really do have to pee right now, love.”

Copyright © 2013 Femme Malheureuse
Words: 188
Originally submitted to fan fic flash fic - Week 1
Photo prompt: origin unknown

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