Saturday, April 19, 2014

Moving Day

Part of my life

more so than in reality
when phone calls from friends
interrupt intimacy
and parents' guilt trips
squash truth's response

Part of my life
stuffed in these boxes

more so than I realized
when I have not thought of them
in months and years
when I have long-dried petals
bookmarking sand-flecked pages

Part of my life
outside this container

more than detritus
when not worth a tag in a yard sale
or a passing pang of regret
over a debris field
caught in cardboard

Part of my life
jettisoned at the curb

Copyright 2014 Femme Malheureuse
@ApparatusMag #NaPoMo 2014 Prompt 19
Graphic: Cyril Caton via Flickr

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