Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Dark City

The city was in a state of mild ache. Roads swollen with traffic, vehicles discharged into the surrounding suburbs, their occupants fleeing the pervasive affliction.

Characterized first by the dull pain, then by irritation, the remaining citoyens argued the merits of starving or feeding this unnamed sickness, though no curative answer existed between these extremes.

Suburbs mutated into exurbs as the illness spread, contagion following the city-dwellers like a miasma of misery as they trailed off into the big boxed strip malls along disease-ferrying highways.

The metropolis was in a state of mild recovery. Streets echoed with pigeons’ cries as the temperature cooled, storefronts returned to glossy health as the first of many gunshots rang out in the farthest points away from the city.

The mountains and oceans’ waves were in a state of mild ache...
Copyright © 2013 Femme Malheureuse
Words: 136
Originally submitted to Revolver arts and culture magazine. 
prompt: The city was in a state of mild ache.
photo: Dark City by sciencesque via Flickr.

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