Monday, June 10, 2013


Awareness washes over him like the morning light. He is as close to her as he can be without actually inhabiting her skin.

She is fetal-curled, unfurling as his warm hand drifts along her cooler skin. He wants to satisfy his hunger, to complete himself with her, in her. He can feel her wakefulness dawning as she stretches.

"Thompson said sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex," he whispers into the soft shell of her ear before kissing her fully awake.

"You fill the hollow, though. This is so much more than sex." Her eyes flutter as her senses rouse to his voice, feeling the length of his heat pressed along her thigh.

She rolled toward him and wound her arms around his neck, finding his lips with her own.

“I know. You fill me utterly. I love you.” Her leg wrapped around him, his heat found hers.

“I love you, too,” he sighed into her mouth, as she welcomed him within.
Copyright © 2013 Femme Malheureuse 
Words: 167 Originally submitted to Sinful Sunday—Week 36 via Rebecca Grace Allen 
Photo prompt, 2 of 2: origin unknown | Word prompt: Hollow 
Quote attributed to Hunter S. Thompson

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